Skin Peels in Toorak

Better skin leads to a better life!


An essential part of a TOTAL skin health program to meet today’s demand for healthy skin are medical grade skin peels. They help the skin to be healthier, brighter and more beautiful!


What can you expect from a skin peel in toorak?
  1. Correct:
  • Immediate Correction
  1. Lighten
  • Brightening Skin Tone
  1. Hydrate Restore & Maintain a Healthy Epidermis.


In the past skin peels were:
  • Strong single acid solutions
  • Lengthy recovery time
  • Inflammation FOREVER!
  • Restricted to:
  • Lower Fitzpatrick types
  • Time of the year


Today: Peel Smarter not Harder!


Peels have come a long way and just as well because today’s consumer wants everything now.

They expect:

  • Expects results and NO downtime
  • Many STILL think they’ll look like Samantha! (from Sex in the City)
  • The name “Chemical Peel” may scare them away
  • “Chemical Exfoliation” or “Resurfacing” Peeling Smarter today Is…
  • NOT scary, the ingredients are often nature’s ingredients
  • Peels are much less aggressive, with a more progressive approach
  • Peels today always:
  • Minimise inflammation
  • Maximise healing & hydration
  • There is a peel for all skin types, tones, & conditions
  • You can peel all year long


What the skin needs when looking at having a peel is to be prepped on the correct products, this will differ depending on the skin’s condition and Fitzpatrick colouring.


Peels are extremely important for:
  • Age prevention:
  • Keep skin healthy, minimize the need for correction
  • Achieve results


Once correction is achieved, it MUST be maintained, unfortunately we can’t stop the aging clock!

Today everyone wants a skin that glows so skin brightening and illumination is mandatory


Who can benefit from a smart peel?
  • All skin conditions
  • Acne
  • Aging
  • Pigmentation
  • Dehydration
  • Rosacea
  • Early Prevention
  • Maintenance
  • All global skin tones


The best thing about today’s peels is that you can have a skin peel ALL year round…


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