DMK enzyme therapy in Toorak

Enzyme therapy treats a wide range of skin concerns from ageing and acne, through to pigmentation and scarring. It has the ability to achieve long-term professional skin resolutions.

How does the enzyme therapy treatment actually work?

By  combining state-of-the-art science with innovative technology, DMK has created one of the most advanced skin revision systems available. DMK’s skin care systems include a range of exclusive Enzyme Therapy treatments designed to work in synergy with the skin’s natural process. Enzyme Therapy is unique to DMK and focuses on what the skin naturally responds to.


Skin therapy enzymes use proteins formed in plant cells to act as organic catalysts in initiating specific chemical reactions. The DMK concept is built upon the philosophy of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. Enzyme Therapy is our leading treatment to kick-start the Remove and Rebuild phases.

We all have it in us to have skin that is functioning well and looking healthy, but sometimes factors such as environmental elements, ageing or hormonal fluctuations can compromise the skin’s immunity, slowing circulation and lymphatic systems, causing it to weaken, age prematurely or become inflamed.

DMK Enzyme Therapy uniquely addresses various skin concerns through utilising messenger enzymes to mimic the body’s own chemistry, hydrolyse dead cell material from the skin and remove impurities through a ‘reverse osmosis’ process – that increases circulation, bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin, whilst improving lymphatic drainage and enhanced collagen production. The process leaves you with enviable fresh, healthy, oxygenated skin that is functioning optimally and literally glowing from the inside out!

DMK Enzyme Therapy is not your typical topical style facial. It is for people who want complete skin revision. Whether your skin is showing the signs of age or you suffer from a specific skin condition, we understand that healthy skin is beautiful skin, and who doesn’t want that?

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