Mask-ne Management

What is Mask-Ne?

The term Mask-Ne is the combination of the words Mask and Acne. It is a term that appeared in 2020 to refer to acne and other rashes of the face that occur with mask wearing. Some people can react to the constant occlusive pressure and friction from wearing a mask.

Knock out mask-ne breakouts with Lira Clinical’s proven home care treatment.

You will need:

  • ICE Refining Masque
  • MYSTIQ Cryo Masque
  • ICE Clear Stick
  • BIO Hydra C Serum

Step 1: Cleanse your skin with the cleanser you have been prescribed by your skin therapist, then apply ICE Refining Masque removing daily debris and environmental pollutants with detoxifying charcoal and corrective hydroxy acids. This purifying masque can be left on the skin for up to 20 minutes and is a great spot treatment overnight.

Step 2: Reduce skin redness and tighten pore appearance by applying the MYSTIQ Cryo Masque. This masque should be left on for 20 minutes reducing inflammation and redness while encouraging skin healing. Do not rinse the skin upon removal.

Step 3: (optional) Apply ICE Clear Stick to any stubborn acne lesions.

Step 4: Follow with BIO Hydra C Serum.

This clarifying and refining treatment will reduce future breakouts while topical probiotics and brightening MASQ-techTM balance skin’s microbiome.