Boost your skin with Healite II LED light therapy in Toorak

Let the experts at Reverse Skin Clinic help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted with our advanced Healite II treatments in Toorak.

This cutting-edge light emitting diode (LED) phototherapy system uses the latest light-based technology to deliver outstanding results for your skin – for younger, rejuvenated and fresher-looking skin.

Our skin is often the first part of our bodies to show the effects of ageing, losing firmness and elasticity and evenness. At Reverse Skin Clinic, that’s exactly what we do – help reverse the effects of ageing and turn back the clock on your skin.

Non-invasive Healite II light therapy

Our Toorak Healite treatment delivers painless low-level light therapy, stimulating collagen production and boosting elastin in your skin, to help with:

  • smoothing wrinkles and fine lines
  • improving skin tone, for even-looking skin
  • acne treatment
  • tissue healing.

As well as achieving age-defying skin benefits, the Healite system is also used to help patients at our Toorak clinic recover after both surgical and aesthetic procedures.

LED-level light therapy has been shown to reduce redness and stimulate the body’s wound-healing cells, shortening recovery time from a variety of treatments.

Post-surgical Healite treatments are ideal to complement your laser skin treatment, skin needling, skin peels and more. Please contact the friendly team at Reverse Skin Clinic to find out more about our Toorak Healite system, or to book your next treatment.