Treatments for pigmentation in Toorak

Pigmentation presents itself on the skin in different shapes and sizes.

Treatment recommendations

Depending on the type and cause of your pigment there are different options for treatment. Some of the most effective are skin peels, collagen induction therapy, IPL limelight, Enzyme Therapy. Homecare is also an essential component in the reversal of pigmentation and SPF is a must every day.

Benefits of treatments

The treatments are designed to make long term structural changes to your skin and the way it functions so not only are you revising your pigmentation you are also improving your skin’s texture and structural integrity giving you a healthy skin less vulnerable to the effects of ageing.

Time Frame of alleviating: Depending on the treatment path or modality used treatment time can vary

  • IPL usually takes around 3 sessions depending on the depth of pigment this could vary.
  • Skin needling we recommend a course of 6 however the effects of this treatment keep on getting better over the course of the year as your cells work to re-structure and lay down new collagen.
  • Treatments such as peels will take between 4 – 6, depending on the type and severity of the pigment.
  • Enzyme Therapy combined with various removal methods will usually take approximately 12 sessions then we re-evaluate to see if any further treatments are required or if a maintenance program is adequate.

Hyper pigmentation which is the most common type of pigmentation; is the darker pigment, it usually presents in brown areas that come though on the surface of the skin varying in tone and sizes depending on the cause. Hypo pigmentation is usually caused by trauma to the skin and shows up as lighter or white patches. Pigment is formed when our skin goes into defence mode, stimulating more melanin to be produced by the melanocyte as a defence mechanism.

Causes of pigmentation

Causes for pigment can vary. In Australia we have a very harsh and damaging sun so we see a high rate of environmentally induced pigment, which has built up in our skin from years of sun exposure, lots of our pigment will be seen as it rises to the surface of our skin as young adults. In later years pigmentation can show on the surface but this was actually caused in our early childhood years so protection from a young age is vital.

Hormones are another major cause of pigmentation. Due to hormonal imbalances and dramatic changes in hormones in our life such as pregnancy, the pill, puberty, menopause and various medications, these causes can stimulate an excess of melanin to be produced which can often rectify itself after levels return to normal.

Pigment can also be caused by trauma to the skin when you are predisposed to the particular trauma. When your skin is injured and inflammation is present melanocytes are drawn to the area as a defence for your skin. This can also result in hypo pigmentation, which is a loss of pigment in your skin, we often see this with scaring.

The only symptoms of pigmentation is the physical change of colour in your skin there are no linked sensations or changes in texture.

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